A bit about the farm I work on:

Situated on 6.3 acres just outside of Ceres, CA, the farm today is the product of years of work by many organizations and people dedicated each in their own way to ending hunger and poverty, locally and around the world.

For the past 30-40 years, the farm has been run by a large nonprofit organization called Heifer International. Local Heifer volunteers and staff developed the farm first as a site to bring donated animals together for shipment to Asian countries devastated by war, and then as an education center to teach people about Heifer’s mission to “end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth.”

Heifer eventually decided to close the education center and begin leasing out the farm to a community center based in Modesto in April 2010. I (Anna) was a resident volunteer for the education center, and continue today to work for the community group as the farm manager.


8 Responses to About

  1. Brian Kline says:

    Hello Anna,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing your website. I love to see your enthusiasm, you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work.
    All the best,
    Brian Kline

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  3. Clarissa Coelho says:

    Hi! I love the site! Great stories and really great pictures! Keep it up, i’m an avid reader!

  4. Robert Bishop says:

    We enjoyed your article in the Bucks County Herald, Aug. 7th. We are undoubtedly related. My Grandfather was Walter and his wife, Priscilla lived at harmony Hill Farm, in Fountainville, PA and I know the names John and Anna Fretz are names that are in my genealogy. I was attracted to your article initially because as a gardener, last year I raised a few Mennonite tomatoes, but mostly because my wife misses nothing in life and suggested I read it. We’re members at Blooming Glen Mennonite but formerly attended Doylestown. I would enjoy talking about your favorite tomato and how it did last summer but I’ll save that for another time. In front of me is a book you may already have. It is the genealogies of the Nash and Oberholtzer families but it reads more like a Fretz family history. I would gladly send you mine if you are interested. There is a photo of the John Fretz homestead in Bedminster TWP. Also, I’m mailing your article to the family genealogist who has us Bishop cousins related to half of Bucks county and knows his stuff.

    Bob Bishop

    • upliftfarm says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for the note! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Its really neat to see all the connections between different families, places and churches, and also to still feel connected to Bucks County, despite having lived in California my whole life! I was just reading something the other day about the Oberholtzer family and the split way wayyyy back in the Deep Run church. There is so much history there… thanks for the kind offer to send the Nash and Oberholtzer book my way, but honestly I’ll probably have to wait a few more decades before I have the time to get seriously into genealogy. It’s still more in my aunts and uncles realm than mine.

      As for tomatoes, what are your favorite varieties to grow? (mennonite or not!) I’ve grown the old german mennonite heirloom for two years, and it’s definitely produced some huge, juicy, tasty tomatoes, though the overall yield has been pretty low. I’m hesitant to really judge it yet though, since last year was not the best weather for any tomato variety, and the year before they were in a marginal area of the garden. I suppose every year has its challenges though!

      Thanks again for the post!
      ~ Anna

  5. Ken Bupp says:

    Hi Anna-

    We are the owners of Penn-Vermont Fruit Farm in Bucks County, PA. We read your article and are wondering where the farm is in Bucks County where your grandfather lived. Thank you!
    Ken & Judy Bupp

    • upliftfarm says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      My grandfather grew up in Bedminster, but the family lost their farm. I’m not sure where they lived after that, but later, when he had his own family, he lived in Doylestown and then Telford. I’ll have to ask my aunt and uncle for specifics. I know I’ve been told the place names many time, but always seem to forget…

      Hope you’re enjoying spring and you and the farm are doing well!

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