Mennonite tomatoes, round 2

Probably everyone who is reading this blog already knows that the Mennonite tomato post I put up a while back made it to the world of real ink and paper!  The Bucks County Herald (the county my mother grew up in in Pennsylvania), printed it in this weeks paper.  Click the following link to go to their electronic edition. It’s on page 37 (D3).

The article mentions my grandfather’s childhood farm in Buck’s County, and I’m lucky enough to have a few pictures:


Fretz siblings on the family farm

The Fretz siblings. My grandfather is far left. The Fretz's came to Pennsylvania from Switzerland in the mid 1700's, part of a wave of Mennonite immigrants.

My grandfather's prize winning barred rock rooster

A barred rock chicken, (hen not rooster), on my farm today.

Anyway, I think my grandfather would be proud that one of his grandchildren is back on a farm today. As for what my mother would think of me having an article published in the Bucks County Herald, I think my Aunt Barbara said it best:  “Your mother would have likely found a typo or something to note, but she would have bubbled over with delight — though, like a Mennonite, without showing off.”

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2 Responses to Mennonite tomatoes, round 2

  1. Barbara Fretz Buck says:

    A childhood friend send me a copy of your article from the Bucks County Herald where we grew up. My Dad, Ralph Fretz, grew up in the now historic homestead called Penn-Vermont Fruit Farm. As a child, we went to Fretz Family Reunions at a Mennonite Church somewhere near Bedminister or Kellers Church. My home was in Chalfont and I went to Central Bucks H.S., graduated 1954.
    Since 1995, I’ve lived in Apache Junction, AZ.
    Had never heard of Mennonite tomatoes!! Will need to check that out.

    • upliftfarm says:

      Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for the comment. I love hearing about all these connections. I don’t get to visit Pennsylvania often, but at least there are some things like the tomatoes and the Mennonite community cookbook to remind me of that side of the states sometimes!

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