Baby season

Yesterday three new caprines arrived on the farm, via dog carrier in the back of my mighty little toyota yaris hatchback.

The three baby goats, named Pinto, Queso, and Cabrito, are the children of Taco, who was here on this farm when it was a Heifer International learning center. Sadly, Taco died recently and somewhat unexpectedly of a long term disease. My friend Laura, who had been keeping the goats since the education center closed, asked if I would like Taco’s kids. They are one month old and still need to be bottle fed.

Here they are getting to know the farm:

Getting to know me, and the camera

They are good at romping.

Looking for a bottle:

It just wouldn’t be spring without a few babies!



Here is a picture of Taco in 2007, with her two kids that year

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2 Responses to Baby season

  1. Laura says:

    This makes my heart happy.

  2. upliftfarm says:

    I hope it makes the rest of you happy too! 🙂

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