past the solstice

I wrote this for my church’s (Modesto Church of the Brethren) advent devotional, but since it is vegetable related, I figure my readers here (Hi Anne and Teresa!) might enjoy it as well. I hope you can read it in whatever way suits you, spiritual, religious, or not! (replace “God” with whatever word you like: Goddess, life, love, sun, cat, you get the idea… 🙂 ) It is meant to be read slowly and reflectively.



Reaching out in the darkness

Have you ever opened a cupboard to pull out a bag of potatoes, only to find them all sprouting? The potatoes that I carefully store each year in the darkest corner of the coolest room seem to have an innate certainty that there is a world of sunshine just beyond the burlap and cardboard enfolding them. Once, opening a forgotten box of potatoes, I found a forest of stems still searching after many months of darkness for a ray of light, unseen but expected.

In the darkest of times, when we cannot see God’s light or feel it’s warmth, can we keep watch through the night, trusting that God is there somewhere, and that the light will reach us? Do we dare reach out in the pitch black to feel our way to the light, perhaps pushing away, or embracing, something that stands in the way? Whatever the circumstance, may we wait for the light knowing at our core that it will come. Keep watch.

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