Chicks’ first hornworms

The chicks are getting big! In fact, they are pretty much past the cute baby stage alreay. At least once a day I throw them a boquet of greens from the garden, mainly broadleaf weeds, cosmetically challenged produce, and especially anything with bugs. Thanks to fall brassicas, it’s now prime season for caterpillars. Throw a couple caterpillars in the chicks’ stall and they will soon be chirping excitedly and madly chasing each other around, trying to get the poor caterpillar.  Yesterday  I threw in a couple tomato hornworms. The chicks hadn’t met any hornworms yet, and didnt know quite what to do with them (hornworms are HUGE). But they did eventually figure it out.  I’m glad the hornworms have a use on the farm now.

In case you haven’t met a tomato hornworm,  here is a picture (my camera ran out of batteries) :

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