It’s a sign! Nettles mean Fall.

Recognize this character?

Burning nettle! (Thanks Anne for correcting me. I thought it was stinging nettle but its actually burning nettle!)  Nettle is one of the prolific weeds of a cool season garden. I just saw nettle on the farm today for the first time since last spring, and since it germinates on its own when soil temperatures cool down from their summer heights, I know its time for the last push of fall planting. The nettle’s emergence tells me two things:

A) that the soil temperature is just right for germinating other cool season seeds, like beets, carrots, spinach, etc.   and transplants of broccoli and other brassicas.

B) now that soil temperature is cooling down, plant growth will also start slowing down, so while its the perfect temperature for germination, it will also be the LAST planting of most of crops to mature before or during winter. Any carrots, beets, cauliflower, broccoli etc. planted after early october will not mature until early next spring.

That means its planting time! I’ll be putting in new beds of root, leafy, and flower vegetables in the next week, which will hopefully mature slowly into December and January and then in mid october planting again for February and March maturity.

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2 Responses to It’s a sign! Nettles mean Fall.

  1. Check it out! I actually wrote this one on burning and stinging nettles. 😉

  2. upliftfarm says:

    Whoa! So its a burning nettle not a stinging nettle! And good thing too, sounds like I’d rather have the burning than the stinging kind!

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