Farm Friends

Here is a picture of Kongseng Dengmanara, one of our wonderful friends of the farm. She is a talented gardener, and knows all about vegetables and ornamental plants from all over the world, especially from her home country of Laos. Kongseng works for The Bridge, a local Southeast Asian community center, where she teaches traditional dancing and cares for the garden among other things. She also works at Four Seasons Nursery. A few weeks ago I visited her garden and saw many delightful things, including jujubees, a rare dark sugar cane, kittens, and many many plants that I don’t know the names of. She gave me two potted sugar cane plants for the farm.  Thanks Kongseng!!

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2 Responses to Farm Friends

  1. keo says:

    She is a very caring and gifted individual with her gardening. She and I, we admired your friend ship as we continue to be impressed with your farm.

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