Mmm-mmm manure

It might look like dirt but its even better than that, its a load of manure! Thanks to the Stueve’s of Oakdale for dropping off a trailer full of it from their organic dairy. It will now either be wheelbarrowed over to the future strawberry beds or spread on the water buffalo field. It’s been sitting around rotting and drying out for a long time, so it doesn’t smell much or attract flies.

Manure adds fertility to soil through its gifts of nutrients and organic matter. The end products of organic matter break down (humic acids) are what holds nutrients in the soil, so having the organic matter and nutrients come in the same package is convenient (nature is so smart!)

With the sandiness and accompanying low organic matter of the soil on the farm, we can basically use as much compost and manure as we can get our hands on. So if you know anyone with an extra pile who might be willing to deliver (I don’t have a truck anymore 😦 ) let me know!

Thanks for reading!
~farmer Anna

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